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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Blog!

So... who am I and what am I going to be up to here? Well, I'm very much in love with my home, it's my sanctuary - there's no better place I like to be. However, I have lots of interests, get about town and enjoy all sorts of things. I wanted to make a place to share that joy, so this is it.

I'm sort of a gypsy-spirited gal - mature - turned 55 a few months ago, but feel like I'm 11 at heart sometimes. I rather like my age; while I know there's still a lot to learn, I know I've "gotten" many important things - I KNOW what counts now. That makes me happy and I think I am able to just enjoy life more.

I love to stitch, craft, weave, cook, bake, write, oh... all things Victorian, secret vice - regency romances and the list goes on. Each day is an adventure. Like today! Up early and off to the post office to mail a couple of packages, I returned home with the intention of tending to some cleaning and holiday decorating. Well... my buddy called and we were off to the needlework shop. The cleaning can wait!

In the meantime, with the holidays coming on fast and so many of us baking cookies, here is a link to the Farmer's Almanac and their tips for cookie making.

Wow - long link! Enjoy!

Mrs. K


  1. Mrs. K, welcome to the blogosphere! I hope you'll be posting about your needlework -- I am a great appreciater of it, though I don't do it myself. Maybe I'll be inspired!

  2. Thanks Jean - yes, I will be posting about my needlework adventures too! Thanks for reading.