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Monday, January 2, 2012

Thoughts For A New Year

In general I like to avoid New Year's resolutions. As most of us know, they just set us up for disappointment, even the most enthusiastic and positive-minded of us. Every day is a new day, every hour, every minute, we can start over, start new projects, leave off the old and whatever doesn't work... at anytime. That being said, a new year, there's just something that puts many in a place to begin again. I can understand that because I feel that way myself sometimes. Usually January 2nd was my start over point though, as I feel New Year's day is still part of the holiday and I wasn't ready to "begin again."

Like most, I bounce around the internet reading, researching and wasting time too, ; ) but many times I come across good stuff. This morning is one of those times. I checked FaceBook, as usual, so I know what's going on with friends - generally more than I want to know, and came across a link to someone's blog ( who had referenced another blog I occasionally look at ( - and an article called 30 Things To Stop Doing To Yourself. There is really good advice there - nothing that many of us haven't read elsewhere or know intuitively, but put together in a very handy little way that I am saving for my "Libby's Book of Wisdom" - a small notebook that I jot down various quotes, bits of advice and my own thoughts I think are really worth saving and carry in my handbag. However, it was a previous article (28 Dignified Ways To Impress Everyone Around You) and one particular point that really hit home and set me off. It's something I've thought about over the past few years a great deal in this time of texting, cell phones, iPads, social networking, etc. which, supposedly keeps us in touch with everyone all the time.

Really? Do these networks really do that? I don't think so. The point was number 24, Make Yourself Available and Approachable - "If people cannot get a hold of you, or have trouble approaching you, they will forget about you. They go on to suggest keeping an open line of communication to those around you. I certainly understand that folks can't take every phone call all the time, but there are people out there who never talk to anyone in person anymore - or perhaps it is just certain people they don't talk to?

OK, maybe I'm just old, but texting a brief reminder or hello is fine, but to carry on a conversation, it's ridiculous - never mind the auto-correct errors! Even a fast typist spends considerable time at this when, for goodness sake, you could pick up the phone and talk - it would take less time and just be so nice to actually hear the voice of someone I care about! I tend to call someone if they start a text conversation because I think it's just silly to keep typing. Sometimes they don't answer, but text me again - then I ignore them. I can't stitch and text at the same time. I can, however, talk and stitch at the same time.

Another thing, people who don't answer their phones and are rather proud of it. You have a phone with you all the time so you can be in touch, but let all your calls go to voice mail... all the time. What is it about that do you feel is so significant or important? Does it make you feel special? If you don't want to talk to anyone, why have a cell phone with you all the time? I won't even get started about the folks who you leave a message for and they don't call you back. If you don't want to talk to me anymore, please text me (this is what I call an appropriate text) and I'll remove you from my contact list.

These same people are the ones who post to their FaceBook or Twitter accounts, all day and night long, every little thing they are doing or thinking. Now this I just don't need. You have another headache? I'm sorry for you certainly, because I care about you, but do you need to post it every other day? Or the fact that you are at a certain restaurant or doing your exercise class or having tea, coffee, wine, whatever - you have time to post all this but not return a call to friends you claim to love so much? Should you really be posting that you're not home, where you can be found, etc. - not a good idea.

I post the occasional thought about what's happening. I share funny stuff or a photo. I never post what I am doing every hour on the hour, because I don't think it's important for everyone else. Certainly I think it's important to me, but to everyone else, no. However, in the spirit of everyone needs to know what I do, are you curious? OK, here's a rundown, basically, it's the same every day.

7:00 AM - Mrs. K. is drinking a large glass of water, as she does every day, to get her system going.
7:30 - 8:30 AM - Mrs. K. is having breakfast.
11:00 AM - Mrs. K. has straightened up the house and is having a cup of tea.
1:00 PM Lunchtime!
2:00 - 4:30 PM or so: talking on the phone to friends or relatives, reading, writing, stitching, painting, playing with the cat if he is awake, playing music, checking email, thinking, contemplating life. Some days I go to the grocery store, stitching shop, library, post office, etc.
5:00 PM - fixing dinner or thinking about what to fix if I haven't done this already.
6:30 PM - dinner with DH.
8:00 PM until bedtime: stitching, reading, drinking tea, talking to DH, phone call or three to friends and family, painting, gluing crap to other crap to make what I think could be art, playing with the cat, thinking, contemplating life, checking email, looking at my calendar for the next day in case there is something particular I have to do, sitting, staring into space wondering if I should go to bed since I just woke up, having fallen asleep over a book.
11:00 PM on - wash my face, brush my teeth, go to sleep... OR... stay awake until whenever, doing any and/or all of the above.

Are you bored? Do you really want to get a post or tweet (actually I don't tweet) about this repeatedly all day? Do you want to be involved in my life or really know what I am up to? If so, do me a favor, call me. I answer my phone.

Deliciously and sarcastically (at least today) yours,
Mrs. K.


  1. "glueing crap to other crap to mak what I think might be art", that's funny..........yes, I do want to to know every little thing...not. I agree with you. Answer your phone, put down the I thingie, post if you have something fun or important to share and go glue crap to crap, world.
    And it's only the twoth of the new year Mrs. K my dear...what are we to do? XOXO Oma Linda