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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Food Companies to Avoid

Here is a list of food companies that donated considerable funds to prevent labeling of genetically modified food. You might want to show them how you feel about that by not buying their products. The list also shows companies we thought were OK, but it turns out they are just subsidiaries of larger companies:

Many of the products that seem so good are actually just subsidiaries of the companies that were most complicit in blocking GMO labeling, aided and abetted by everyone’s favorite purveyor of death, Monsanto. (Monsanto, incidentally, donated $7,100,500.00 to the fight against the labeling of GMO-containing products.) Don’t forget that Monsanto is now above the law due to the Monsanto Protection Act, a traitorous rider that Senator Roy Blunt managed to attach to a bill that was subsequently signed into law by President Obama. (you know, that guy in the White House, who made the labeling of GMOs one of his 2007 campaign promises?)

In addition, there is a list of the good guys. Here is the link for the complete article:

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