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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Loving September!

It's that time again, September! I love autumn even though I live in a place without much seasonal change; it is in my home that I make sure everything shouts autumn. I decorate with that theme in mind and I am cooking up our favorite fall recipes, like Fresh Apple Cake from my old Fanny Farmer Baking book, and Apple Cider Beef Stew.

Once again, it is time to make apple butter, so that's what I will be up to in the upcoming two weeks. My home will smell luscious. I also need to make more pomanders, another item on my agenda that will scent my home. I am heaping my fall pot pourri into my large pottery bowl, as well as some smaller bowls to scatter about the house. Fun, fun!!!

I found what looks like a luscious cookie recipe at this blog, Fill The Cookie Jar. Frosted Apple Oatmeal Cookies sounds yummy and very autumn; I'll be whipping up a batch later today. I also found a recipe for a quick pumpkin cake on Facebook. I don't generally use boxed cake mixes, but this sounds so quick and easy, and yummy too, I think I'll try it. Sounds like it could be whipped up while dinner is in the oven and baked while eating. You can find the recipe here, at Big Red Kitchen. There are plenty of comments with suggestions for variations on this recipe. I guess this goes on my agenda too.

Of course I'm stitching away on some Halloween designs, as well as a Goode Huswife design. I have a few more small Halloween designs I hope to get done in time for the holiday; if not, well there's next year!

I hope you're enjoying September where ever you are.

Deliciously tangled in threads and apple parings,
Mrs. K.


  1. reads like you're having an autumn good time. I love this time of year as well and the smell of apple or pumpkin are the balms of choice. Enjoy your preparations. Oma Linda

  2. WOW! You're as busy as the bees that are still sipping from my garden! Just reading this post has made me feel all Autumny (if there were such a word, lol:)

    Apple Butter sounds fabulous! I'm surprised to hear you have an Apple season down in Florida. My daughter usually sends me Apple Butter from Idaho. She's the "preserver" in the family. Since she is still going through chemo, I should get my butt moving and mail some to her!

    Thanks for sharing, Mrs. K and thank you so much for giving me that link to Susan's. Enjoy your September! I'll be back to "taste" that Apple Butter:)

    P.S. One of the ladies that visits my blog lives in Florida. Her name is Tina. She is very nice and has a vast amount of deliciousness at her blog. Here's her link if you would like to introduce yourself:)

  3. Hi Louise, no apple season here in Florida - I buy from the grocery store or get a package from family in the north. Thanks for the link to Tina's blog, I will check it out!
    Autumn is a state of mind...