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Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy December!

So... it's December! Happy December and this month is filled with the joy of holiday celebrations. Mr. K and I will open the first window of our advent calendar. Like last year's, this one is filled with little chocolates and little pictures. I get so much pleasure from this little ritual.

Our Advent calendar from Heidel.

And the back.

Major cleaning and rearranging today followed by decorating which I have down to a science and doesn't take that long anymore. A pleasurable way to spend the first day of December!

Oh, and a few little goodies recently acquired from eBay, one of which is a covered casserole to add to my Currier & Ives collection. I must have place settings for at least 25 or thirty, various platters, serving dishes, pie plates, and even glasses, but I did not have this. Why you may ask? I saw one in a little shop in Georgia, but the woman wanted $110.00 for it. That particular casserole wasn't even in very nice condition. I passed on it as it was out of my budget. However, this one is beautiful, clean, and was WAY lower in price. I am very pleased!

Currier & Ives covered casserole in mint condition.

And for my button collection, sweet little strawberries and flowers, all on their original cards. I like
collecting the buttons on the cards if I can, but won't pass up one that delights me.

So those are the goodies. Now... cleaning, decorating, and deciding which cookies will make the gift list for this year. I'm limiting it to three or four kinds, one of which will be my shortbread, and another will be Ricotta cookies. Decisions, decision. 

Also on the agenda, a nice flank steak for tonight's dinner and a pot of Pasta Fagioli (Pasta Fazool, as I knew it growing up) for tomorrow and the next night, and perhaps the next. No hardship, eating that!

Deliciously yours,
Mrs. K 

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