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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The End of An Era!

This is my old, 1973, avocado green stove. My mother-in-law chose it, along with the same color fridge, when their condo was being built and since it still worked fine, we didn't replace it when we moved in, around 2001. The fridge passed on in 2002 - not bad, but the stove continued on! Last week, after almost 40 years of service, Madame Hot Avocado passed on. The burners are still fine, but the oven just stopped. She doesn't owe us a penny, she served us well, may she rest in peace.

YAY!!! Oh, I can't help it, that color!!! It just didn't sit well with me. In fact, it was one of my mother-in-law's favorites back in the day; even her living room/dining area had green carpet. Thank goodness that had been replaced! But honestly, almost 40 years - that's a heck of an appliance!

Off we went to the Sears Appliance store and Manny, our extremely helpful and very nice salesman, showed us what was available. Now, I did really want the same type range top - coils. Well, while you can get them, they are rather passe' - my age showing, as I really didn't want that flat glass top range, I had heard horror stories about keeping it clean; in fact, my mom has one and it seems a lot of trouble to keep clean. However, Manny explained it all to me, despite my crabbiness, and with my husband encouraging Manny, they won me over. Of course, they also told me not to expect almost 40 years of service from these new appliances, but I'm not buying that - this will last a good long time. As for Mr. K, I told him that mine is the final word regarding the choice of stove... unless he wanted to take over cooking. He went off to look around. (snicker, hehehe)

Delivery was yesterday. The two men and one woman (delivery/installation guy had two trainees) were really super nice and Madame Hot Avocado was gone and the new stove was in, including moving a little cabinet, in less than twenty minutes! No, I am not a paid spokesperson for Sears, but, honestly, the whole process was easy peasey and the sales and delivery folks were just plain nice.

So... here's a photo of my new stove - black, big oven, those wonderful burners and warming burner too. I know... most people have this, but you have to remember I've been cooking in 1973 for all these years!

Now I have to finish putting everything back in the cabinet that we had to move as well as get rid of another one that will no longer fit - the old stove was 26 inches wide, this one is 30. And yes, I cooked dinner on it last night - tortellini Alfredo - quite yummy. Wow, that water boiled fast on the double burner! The little warming burner kept the sauce at the perfect temperature and Mr. K was very happy with his dinner.

Today I plan to do a little baking, just to try out the oven, among other housewifely chores. I also need to work on my anniversary needlework which needs to be finished and framed by the end of May as well as music practice. 

Oh... speaking of needlework for anniversaries, this is the third time I am stitching something for ours. The first one, in honor of 15 years, I designed myself, stitched it and NEVER framed it! Going through some other unframed work, I found it and Mr. K said we should have it framed - finally. So here it is, after 17 years! Different types of stitches, a drawn thread band, a little heart button and a favorite verse.
For our 30th anniversary, I stitched this little pillow which Mr. K keeps on his side of the connubial couch. He gives it a little squeeze every night before giving me a little squeeze! He's very romantic, is my Mr. K. 

This design is by Beth at Heartstring Samplery with a couple of little changes to personalize it. 

So... there we are, I better get busy! Brownies, music, and stitching!!!

Deliciously yours,
Mrs. K


  1. Goodness, poor Ms. Hot Avocado.....but gosh what a trooper. I bet she went to be with the coffee colored number I inherited and used until it's timely demise a few years ago. Harvest Gold, Avocado, Now everyone has black, stainless or creme for fashion statements. Red washing machines etc. I just want them to do what they are to do for as long as Ms. Avocado and Ms. Coffee...long timers.

  2. Oh Harvest Gold!!! I remember that well. They made good appliances to last much longer than what's out there now. Stainless steel is expensive and they didn't have "Bisque" which is now called Almond, to match the fridge and dishwasher, but the microwave is black & stainless - it looks surprisingly good mixed. Of course, the rest of the kitchen is Victorian Gypsy Witch decor!

  3. Granny and Pap had the bronze coffee colored set-and most of it lasted until I was almost grown! Love your new stove! And the stiching is so sweet : )

  4. I know the color you're referring to, Tipper! The new stove is great and I am enjoying it - even the wiping up is not bad.
    Stitching - our walls are covered in it, so this little piece has yet to find its place, probably the bedroom. It's sweet to me because it was my own design. I also thought 15 years was a long time to be married then! Now we are at 32. Wow... it's gone by fast.