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Monday, April 9, 2012

Passover, Stress and Other Bits

Well, we are still eating matzoh and drinking Milk of Magnesia, but we are enjoying the holiday. As well as Passover and Easter, I read that April is Stress Awareness Month. The recommendations for stress are chamomile and lavender, but Mrs. K. recommends a shot of Jack Daniels then lay back and read a good book!

I've been cooking up a storm on the new stove and enjoying it. Did some baking before Passover, but have put that on hold until after the holiday so as not to tempt Mr. K. Roasted some of those lovely little fingerling potatoes with olive oil and salt last night - yum, crisp outside, creamy inside. They were great along with a nice filet mignon and salad - not exactly traditional Passover fare, but we certainly enjoyed it.

Still stitching away on the anniversary piece, but not as much as I have hoped - really, I've got to buckle down! I'm reading, reading, reading and can't pull myself away. What have I been reading? A mixed bag, as usual. Whistling Woman by Christy Tillery French and Caitlin Hunter; a memoir of Bessie Daniels who grew up in western North Carolina. She has a Cherokee grandmother. I've just begun this and am already really enthralled. Also reading the Sebastion St. Cyr mysteries by C. S. Harris - yes, all of them - Regency mystery/thriller/romance. I am really enjoying them, interesting mysteries. One other that has my attention is If Walls Could Talk, An Intimate History of the Home, by Lucy Worsley. This was recommended by one of the Jane Austen blogs I read and it is quite interesting. It gives you all those answers about how people actually lived over the centuries, such as why did medieval people sleep sitting up, why did the flushing toilet take so long to catch on, what was all that fainting about. So you can see why I'm being kept from my stitching... oh and music practice too. Must work on that today,

So... what's for dinner tonight? Add that on to today's list and it doesn't look like I'll be laying back with a book, let alone a shot of Jack Daniels anytime soon!

Deliciously yours,
Mrs. K.

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