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Friday, October 12, 2012

Catching Up & Brussels Sprouts

Good grief, I haven't even said Happy October, so first... Happy October!!! This is a favorite month as I love autumn and Halloween. I have been busy finishing up my fruit butters, making pomanders, giving my home a good cleaning, and decorating for the season. Busy, busy.

We are not visiting North Carolina this month and I am so disappointed! It just can't be done, so onward and forward. I look forward to getting away into some real autumn weather every year and I feel rather sad, sort of a deep ache and longing. Oh well, I'll survive. Surely no one ever died from not being able to make their autumn pilgrimage.

I have been consoling myself with plenty of tea, stitching gifts for the holidays - I am even weaving a little bookmark for a friend - and browsing through favorite books. One favorite is Sara Midda's "In And Out of the Garden." No matter how many times I look through this beautiful book, I never tire of Sara's charming and whimsical illustrations. It is filled with old garden lore, recipes, quotes, and other wonderful things, including poetry.

Within this book I found a very sweet little poem about brussels sprouts that I just adore; I am known for reciting it whenever the urge strikes! For many years I didn't like these little cabbage-like vegetables, in fact I didn't like cabbage much, nor onions. Now however, I love all three. Brussels sprouts still require special treatment in order for me to enjoy them though and, over the years, I have found the perfect way to cook them so they are just right for me.

First, I choose baby sprouts if they are available. Second, I toss them with plenty of butter, Celtic salt, and maple syrup. Yep... maple syrup. Brown sugar or honey works well too; that bit of added sweetness just does something to enhance the flavor, but the maple syrup, that makes them extra special. Most important, I roast them at about 350 degrees until they are tender. I don't like my veggies barely cooked, I prefer them well cooked and, according to Bee at Healing Naturally By Bee, it is best for one's digestion. All I know is that MY digestion is happiest with well-cooked vegetables.

Back to sprouts... I make sure I keep an eye on the sprouts, stirring them often, and watching so they don't get charred. I don't like charred veggies. Sometimes, I toss in a couple of apples or pears, which is quite delicious, or even a sliced Vidalia onion. If I use apples, I might even add a splash of Calvados or apple cider, very good indeed! One thing is for sure, after roasting, more butter is added, seasoning adjusted, and none are left! Mr. K. is quite fond of brussels spouts.

Do you like brussels sprouts? How do you cook them? Love to hear how you prefer yours... or not. I shall leave you with the brussels sprouts poem from Sara's book.

Sprouts for dinner, 
Sprouts for tea,
Sprouts for you
and sprouts for me.
Sprouts at Christmas,
Sprouts at Fall.
Whether large
- or whether small,
Sprouts enough to fill us all!

I say, hurray for brussels sprouts!

Deliciously yours,
Mrs. K.

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  1. Ooh, I love when my sprouts get a little bit charred. Just a little, though! ;)

  2. OK, well, maybe just a pinch to enhance that roasty toasty flavor. ; )