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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Favorite Ornaments

Some favorite Christmas tree ornaments!

I made these the second year of our marriage. I have always loved all things Victorian so when I saw a magazine article about early Victorian Christmas cards, I cut out the illustrations and Mike carved balsa wood for me. I then decoupaged the illustrations and they still hang on the tree every year. They are favorites because we made them together.

A few of the stitched ornaments I've made over the years, some vintage and you can see one of the chandelier crystals I use. I found an old chandelier in the garbage room of our building and took off all the crystals, thinking craft supplies! At Christmas time I remembered them and just added a hook; voila! Christmas tree ornaments that sparkle beautifully.
Another vintage and one of our decoupage ornaments in the background.
 Clara, from the Nutcracker, another chandelier crystal and a treat box with a vintage Santa.
 Must have a pumpkin! The Santa is a vintage light bulb. Of course, my tree must have pine cones, I scatter them on the branches.
An acorn because I love those as much as pumpkins.
Under the tree, a doll I made, wearing my Christening gown, sits beside a glass nutcracker, a vintage-looking Santa and other goodies.

I have lots more ornaments, our tree is always just covered with them. I'll be decorating my tree tomorrow, so more photos to come.

Deliciously yours,
Mrs. K


  1. I love the memory Christmas tree. Ours is like that as well usually. This year is a bit different. I love your photos. Oma Linda

  2. Thanks Linda! Memories, that's what Christmas has lots of, especially after 31 years of marriage. XO