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Friday, December 30, 2011

Post Christmas Thoughts

I am having a bit of post Christmas blues which, being me, I shall get over ASAP. My motto: When I wake up I have two choices, happy or miserable - I choose happy. Right now I shall wallow a pinch and then pull myself back to normal.

I think it is just the let down after the holiday rush and it seems autumn rushed right on by into Christmas. Oh well, winter is for introspection, sitting by the fire, drinking plenty of tea, making lovely soups and stitching. Those endeavors should pull me right up by my boot straps!

Christmas Eve and Christmas day were quiet and lovely with just DH and I, oh and Sterling B, our old cat, of course. It was rather nice not to have to go crazy preparing for a houseful, although I did miss it. Maybe next year or maybe not. Sitting beside your love, rocking, watching the fire and being a bit silly romantic is a very nice way to spent Christmas Eve.

The homemade goodies, especially the apple butter, were a big hit as holiday gifts. I received a text this morning that my friend had added some to her oatmeal and it was delish! Never thought of putting it in oatmeal, but then I'm not a cereal for breakfast kind of gal.

I made some bone broth from chicken last month, 4 quarts, and shall pull a jar out of the freezer and brew up a lovely chicken pumpkin winter soup - nice and thick with some potatoes, chicken and whatever other veggies I can find. To go with it, a nice cornbread, an old recipe from the Fanny Farmer Cookbook I got when first married. Despite the fact that I have a cookbook that is just cornbread recipes, this is the once I always use. Made with honey, it has just enough sweetness to make it interesting. DH eats half a loaf in one sitting - and never gains an ounce - I know, you likely had figured that out.

As for stitching, three large projects: Sampler Sisters of the Thread, Autumn At Hawk Run Hollow and A Marriage by by Lizzie & Kate, all ready to go. Sampler Sisters has one line stitched. A Marriage is for our 32nd anniversary at the end of May. There are also some smalls to give me a break. These fingers will be flying.

Generally, we go to my mom's for New Year's Eve, but she is up north visiting the rest of the family after the death of my uncle before Thanksgiving. We'll likely just stay home and try to stay awake until midnight, LOL, not hard for me, but my other half will have to be awakened just before the big moment as he dozes in the rocker.

Whatever you do for New Year's Eve, have a wonderful and safe time!

Deliciously yours,
Mrs. K

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