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Sunday, November 25, 2012

After Thanksgiving!

Well, I certainly hope your Thanksgiving was as lovely as mine. That nasty stomach virus I had been dealing with finally let up and I was able to enjoy my dinner. I made sure not to over-indulge. Although the wine didn't sit well, otherwise I am back in fighting form! Yay! I don't do sick well.

Our Thanksgiving was spent at my husband's cousin's club (what a mouthful!) which included very moist and delicious turkey, naturally, but also excellent ham, apple cider glazed salmon, and prime rib that didn't require a knife to cut. Along with these, there were traditional fixings, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, a wonderful salad table that included a sauteed mushroom and Brussels  sprouts salad with bits of bacon that was out of this world. I will be figuring out that recipe, for sure. There was plenty of breads; cornbread, rolls, sliced breads of all types, butter and honey butter. Then there was dessert... two rooms worth, traditional pies and everything in between and around, including a sugar free table that I don't think anyone touched, hehe. The chef even made his own truffles and white chocolate covered almonds. OH...... delightful. However, with my tender tummy, I did not over indulge, enjoying a few little bites of this and that along with a lovely cup of tea. Best of all, Mike's cousin and his wife, Aunt Harriet and her friend, Arlene, were there to share the day. We sat a good long time, chatting, laughing, and remembering. My own mother was home with my nephew and a few friends. She said she cooked up a feast that she hasn't done in years when we talked on the phone. Thanksgiving, a wonderful day!

How appropriate that Common Sense Homesteading had this post today - all about natural remedies for.... you guessed it, upset tummy! See the post here. Good information to add to one's housekeeping book or file.

Do you remember those old Victorian housekeeping books? I have a number of them, including Mrs. Beeton's, of course. My edition is probably early 1900s, but there were many editions. I also have a copy of A Jane Austen Household Book, which includes Martha Lloyd's receipts; not an antique, but most interesting. I do have many actual antique books which I love to peruse and even attempt the recipes - adjusting measures and ingredients as needed. There is a lot of advice about remedies too, which Laurie's post at Common Sense Homesteading reminded me of.

Folks are  so quick to take a pill when, most of the time, a cup of chamomile tea with a just a pinch of mint will do the trick for the upset tummy. A tea of crushed fennel seeds also relieves the, pardon the expression, burps. Herbal tinctures are also very good - melissa, passionflower, chamomile, all relaxing when stress is about to overwhelm or you can't sleep. Of course, there are good medicines today, so I like to utilize the best of both worlds; the ultimate tummy soother: Pepto Bismol! Works for me, LOL!

Moving along, it is now officially THAT time of year, the countdown to the holidays! On the agenda for me, finishing handmade gifts, candy and cookie making, cakes, homemade eggnog, and, of course, decorating. I like to have my tree up on December 1st so I can enjoy it all month. Last year, I was way behind getting my decorating done and that definitely will not be happening this year. I am ready to go!

We, in this household, celebrate Chanukah as well as Christmas, Mr. K being Jewish. I love it!!! Getting a little Chanukah gift takes the edge off waiting for Christmas, LOL! (oh, I have to stop with the exclamation points! Argh, there I go again.) After all these years being married, we curb the gift giving to just little goodies, but still, it is the excitement of a sweet little something wrapped in pretty paper. So, in addition to the Christmas food making, there will be LATKES!!!! And no latke incident as happened a few years ago - I will post that another day, a funny story, just before Chanukah which begins the evening of December 8th. Out with the menorah and blue paper!!! Onward potatoes, onions, applesauce and sour cream!!! The smell of frying will permeate my home for a few days, but it IS worth it. Nothing like homemade potato pancakes!!!

What about all of you? Ready to decorate? Recovered from the wonderful gastronomic indulgences of Thanksgiving and plotting those for Christmas? My Christmas pudding fixings await me!

Did I say Christmas pudding???? I certainly did. Today is Stir-up Sunday, the Sunday before Advent or the Sunday after Thanksgiving, according to some. In any event, mine is not a traditional plum pudding, but a dried apricot pudding. Each and every Sunday after making it, I unwrap it and douse it in rum, wrap it back up and leave it in the fridge to do its thing. By the time Christmas Eve rolls around, that baby is potent! And quite delicious with a lovely, buttery rum sauce drizzled over it. Lights up like a torch too, hehe! Yes, we set it alight in the traditional manner. Fun, fun.

So, off I go, because in addition to the pudding and some ham steaks for supper, there is stitching to be done.

Tangled in threads and deliciously yours,
Mrs. K.


  1. And this post is just that deliciously informational. Thanks for the sharing of a new place to find remedies, or at least another look at some. And as to the approaching decorating....I was not in the mood until we took a drive today and I saw all the houses with lights already and the fun the kids were having putting out the yard decos....yep, I'm ready now. Oma Linda

  2. Go Linda!! I was in the mood before Thanksgiving, for some reason. I just seem to need the holiday season this year. Going out to look at the lights at night is definitely inspiring.
    Common Sense Homesteading is a great blog for all sorts of how to-s. XO