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Friday, November 2, 2012

Whole Foods Sells Organic Food From CHINA?

Take a look at this! If you shop at Whole Foods, you will want to take a closer look at what you are buying and where it comes from. READ THE LABELS! Whole Foods brand California Blend Frozen Organic Veggies are from China! While California is shown in large type, the "from China" note is in very small print. It isn't only these vegetables, either, it is other foods as well.

I found out about this from The Healthy Home Economist blog. I highly recommend this blog for keeping informed about traditional, healthy foods and how to cook them.

There are problems with products from China all the time. Remember all the dead pets? Why would anyone want to buy so-called organic food from them? Why is any market supposedly dedicated to organic, local, sustainably grown food buying produce from China in the first place? 

Watch this and learn, then let Whole Paycheck Foods what you think. 

Deliciously yours,
Mrs. K.


  1. I know - can you believe this? We really have to check the labels on everything. We stopped using Colgate toothpaste because it is made in Chine, started using Crest since it is made here. It takes a little time, but I support my country, even if I have to pay a few cents more for a product.